If you missed the bi-coastal Holy Hip-Hop Summit in Southern California last year, you don’t want to miss it this year on the east coast! Our conversation continues this year on the importance of the 5 elements of poetry, the 5 elements of hip-hop and the 5 poetical books of the bible.  All of these principles deal with real human experiences, with profound problems and big realities.  Our theme this year is “Stay on the Path,” a sentiment that is used in the context of war or battle!  It means pursuing a goal regardless of all obstacles and/or criticism! 

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“Helping youth find their voices is a quest that deserves my commitment!"
-Monette "MoPoetic" Hamilton


Program Director

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The Hamilton Essentials Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that exists to provide programs and support for transitional age youth & young adults.

Our focus programs are:
  • Mental health through the arts
  • Leadership development
    • Community organization & advocacy
    • Youth empowerment
  • Life skills
    • Reading, Writing, Math, Science

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